Save Woodlake Botanical Gardens

Blooming in the heart of central California, this 13-acre garden (1.2 miles of paved gardens -- wheelchair accessible) highlights the Golden State's agriculture and botanical beauty. The flower garden on the west side of the parking lot is open 24/7. The eastern, gated, part of the garden is open Wednesday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Hours may be extended beyond this time if there is work being done on the garden. If the gate is open, you are welcome to come in! Admission is free.

This REGIONAL TREASURE is at risk when the City of Woodlake assumes responsibility for the upkeep of this property in August or September.

City Council members have expressed the possibility of pulling out some of the trees and other plants in the garden.

Friends of  Woodlake Botanical Gardens want to make sure that the Garden can live on and serve the community.

If you are interested in updates and finding out how you can help preserve the Gardens for our kids and grandkids, leave us your email.
Facebook Comments
S.E. Beautiful ! I hope your amazing garden doesn't close ! :)
S.C. What a loss. So sad.
R.B. Insanity. How could this be ever considered?
M.B. They already cut down all the palm trees..not like they care about anything except $$$$$$$.
F.J. I was saddened by this news in this morning's paper.
M.J. Nooooo!!!!!
C.H. That would suck. That garden is one of the best things about Woodlake.
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